From Tony Rosales...

Dear Gary;

I believe you mentioned several names in "The Barrydale Chronicles" that I'm most familiar with; namely The Holsteins, Swenson, and those who I was personally closest to the Olmos', at 13083 Barrydale. I was a year older than the eldest, Jarvie who was also in Lonnie's (was it?) class in school, both Flanner, Torch and Bassett HS; who I also knew. What lead me to this notice was the name Lavelle, which was a family on Big Dalton that I was most acquainted with, Tony and MOSTLY his sister Vicky whom I dated in the '70's and early '80's. I think you were referring to a Randy Lavelle who likely is one of Vicky's brothers.

You hit the nail on the head about our lives growing up in Bassett like we did and obviously you have very much the same memories.

I'm still very close friends with the Olmos' but have seen NOTHING of any of the other people we all knew so well considering the times. My name is Tony Rosales, I had/have a sister named Laura that may or may not be familiar to you. I tell you that she and I do not speak, actually rarely did and have NEVER gotten along almost since day one, so there I can offer little. My age group was one of the first to attend Flanner Elementary, Torch and ultimately Bassett where I graduated from in 1969, joining the USAF in Apr. of 1970.

Let me congratulate you on a fine piece of writing and saving a true example of Americana for posterity. Please contact me since I'm SURE I will remember you as I did many of the pictures in the blog. Who would have thought that OUR old neighborhood would be a such a part of family upbringing of a historical nature as such.

Thanks SO MUCH for getting back to me. I for one would like to see more about this very interesting subject on our lives there in those days. I noted that you really have the chronology of events down pat, I thought I was the only one who saw potential history in that world of wonder that was our youth. For example, La Puente/Bassett/Valinda changed more in the FOUR years I spent on active duty in the USAF that a little town I was assigned to in South Dakota in 1973 has, TO DATE! I mention that because I've been back to visit old friends I made there, most recently 2003 and I was shocked that so little had changed. The SGV is like a little secret that with age has become more interesting.

I worked at Alexander's out of BHS and only recently I was by the old Food Giant bld. and I can't bare to go inside; so much of my youth took place there, at Grants, the toy store and of course Thrifty's I last got a haircut there in 1980!

I recognized yours and the other kids IMMEDIATELY. I hope I wasn't mean to you or the others, though I will admit I teased David Vanholsback about his weight in those days. I sincerely feel bad about that and wish I could make it up to him all these years later.

I figured out who was Vicky in the photo' when I went back to it. Do I understand correctly that Vicky LIVES at the old house at 1263 Big Dalton?!?!?!? I just went by there and your old place just last night!!! Have you been in contact with her recently. I would really love to see her again, we have some history.

My old home is 1247 Le Borgne, right at the T-bone of Stichmen and Barrydale, a strait shot toward the Olmos' place. Jarvie runs a restaurant in San Francisco, Mark and Allen live in Upland. Let's talk again, I need to find some old pic for you, let's see what we can do.

Boy do I remember "Frankie" (3 yrs. older than me) very well, our families were very close. Big Frank Chisum was a real New York transplanted Irishmen from "Hell's Kitchen" and a professional cook and restaurant owner; his wife Maria was a real live "War Bride" he met IN Italy during WWII whom he married and brought back to the U.S. Quite a bit of history in just that alone. Yup, they were very LOUD I know and strangely very loving with each other. There was also another brother David (?!) that was sent off to live with other family members, he was a little wild and crazy. Then there was Maria (Jr.) called "Bambala" (Italian endearment for "baby girl") by family and friends; she was very sweet and grew up to be quite comely and very sexy young lady. She was liked by my mother for her very lady-like persona and manners, unlike any of the other girls in the neighborhood. She was defiantly the apple of her father's eye, and how. She would be about Vickie Lavelle's age, I think. We live almost directly across the street from the Chisums.

I think I recall that lady Bina, she worked the cash box at Alexanders and was very funny?(?) Whenever our washing machine broke down we also washed our clothes there, how funny, then really not. That's why I know we know each other on sight. Do you recall that one of the pardners embezzled money and Alexander's went under in the early '70''s. Too bad.

Did I know Wally Waltman, wow? We were in Boy Scouts together, Troop 614 and mostly had our meetings at Flanner I'm sure you knew, Wally was our squad leader, "The Rebel Squad". as in The Confederacy not as defiance. (AH, the days BEFORE PC!!! :]) When his lovely mother died they really took it hard I recall, I went to the funeral as did most of the Troop. I know alto of the neighborhood did. She personally sewed our very unique squad patch; which included a "Confederate Flag". That was very sad.

Ooh boy is this something?! Yea' I'd really like to meet you again. Ha, we're almost family! I live in Riverside so were not far apart. I'm usually available, do give me a call. That lady did come to our house for those Banana Leaves, I believe it was early '70's as I was in the USAF. My dad was possitively OBSESSED over the yard it was a JUNGLE! It was his fetish; he even had a Bamboo growth in the back yard! It was TOO much & was often an subject of contention between us. Bad scene. Today 1247 Le Borgne is unrecognizable to me, I do not recognize nothing BUT the address!