From Robert….

Robert Brandler

8:59 AM (9 hours ago)
to measurfpro
First off let me say thank you. Thank you so very much for your videos of La Puente and surrounding areas. My name is Robert and I was born in 1958 at General Hospital Los Angeles. At that time we were living in Baldwin Park but shortly after my birth we bought a house in La Puente as my Dad found a good deal on a home just of Main street called Appleblossom.
It was there that I discovered Pee Hill, Dalesford Street (we raced little broken soap box cars) Spears Pharmacy on Main, Doughboys store, Bakers drive in, and attended Workman Elementary. By the way I will add I recall many wonderful Mexican friends, and we had 1, just one black family in the neighborhood. A kind man and his family named Mr. Porter. Did you know the Porters on Inyo Street? Anyway I had not seen La Puente in a long time and certainly not the way your photos showed The La Puente of yesteryear.
MR. Clisner where did all the years go? They seemed to have slipped away like the wind. I must be honest while and after watching your video I had tears in my eyes but a great joy in my heart. Those memories were brought to life when I watched your video. Thanks from the bottom of heart. Note: I am the youngest of 10 and sent you YouTube links to all and some friends as well.
Syracuse, UT.