Note from Mike Martin

Mike Martin

Hello Gary -
Forrest McCreadie posted your blog pages on the list for the 1963 WCHS reunion and I've just started reviewing it. However, I did want to comment on the Finch-Tregoff stuff.

We moved to La Puente in 1954 to a house on Fellowship near Glendora in a new development carved out of a dairy pasture, the remnants of which extended behind our house at the time complete with cows. I went to Fairgrove Elementary for fourth and fifth grade. At approximately that time my mother had a hysterectomy performed by Dr. Finch. I only know this because after the Finch murder my parents told me that my mother had became pregnant after the hysterectomy and they had tried to sue Dr. Finch, but they hadn't kept their receipts and couldn't prove it. My only memory is that I was expecting a new sister who was stillborn while I was in fourth or fifth grade.

You also have a brief mention of Elizabeth Taylor that rang a bell. I don't remember the exact date but it was likely after I graduated from WCHS I was at the May Co in Eastland Shopping Center, which was a good place to meet girls. On this occasion there was a young woman who was very attractive that I encountered while browsing in the May Co. She was a little older than me but she kept browsing near me and looking over at me so I thought she was interested. I almost made a pass at her but in those days I was still too hesitant around females so I didn't.

The next day in the newspaper there was a picture of the young woman. It turns out she was in Pomona/Claremont filming Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and I was pursuing Elizabeth Taylor in the May Co. and the reason she kept looking over at me was probably because she expected me to recognize her, but I didn't. D'oh.